2022 WA International Tertiary Student of the Year

Congratulations to Jian Zhao (China) from The University of Western Australia for receiving 2022 WA International Tertiary Student of the Year Award.

The CISWA WA International Tertiary Student of the Year Award is about recognising the significant contribution that international students make to the Western Australian community.

CISWA sought to acknowledge an international student, who has demonstrated academic excellence and has contributed to enhancing the student experience both in the school and in the community.

In selecting the recipient of this award, the student’s achievements and contributions during their time as an international student in Australia were taken into consideration. Additional weight was given to any activities which promote interaction with Australian students and with the local community.

This award was proudly sponsored by:

Pan Pan, Vice President Aviation Business Development, Perth Airport presented the WA International Tertiary Student of the Year Award to Jian Zhao from The University of Western Australia.

2022 WINNER: Jian Zhao (China), The University of Western Australia

Jian is described by her PhD supervisor as, “a student who uniquely stands out”

She is the recipient of the UWA Grand Challenge: Making A Difference Program in the Year 2022 and initiated a project called English café, which is a program focusing on the well-being of international students.

She also volunteered at UWA as a Research Unimentor to help newly arrived HDR students to settle down and transition to research and campus life. She also worked in the Living Room of UWA as a peer supporter to provide mental health support and services to students who are struggling with their mental health. Her job in the Living Room was reported by ABC News.

She has been described as a dependable and incredibly hard-working person who goes beyond that of an ambassador. Jian is also one of the most engaged and active ambassadors, becoming a well-known student among the Perth and UWA communities.

Jian also shared her wonderful stories in Perth with other international students through StudyPerth blogs.

Finally, she is regarded by many for her amazing time management as well as her passion for maintaining international students’ well-being and engaging international students with the wider Australian community.