2020 WA International School Student of the Year

2020 WINNER: To Tran LUU, Year 12, Kent Street Senior High School

To Tran has achieved exemplary academic results. Whilst her main interests have consistently centred around the sciences, mathematics and LOTE subject areas, her willingness to work hard and extend herself have seen her achieve Top Student Subject Awards in; Mathematics, English, Japanese, Science and Humanities and Social Sciences. It has been To Tran’s achievements in her final year of high school education, that have set her apart.

To Tran has completed her Year 12 studies at Kent St Senior High School. To Tran’s willingness to volunteer in a number of extracurricular programs offered at KSSHS has allowed her a platform to share her value sets and inspire the interaction and participation of Australian and international students in wider community events.

She has also been continually active as a student leader in the school, arranging several programs and mentoring younger students. She has also been highly successful in the International Duke of Edinburgh Awards, leading community projects and supporting other students.