Student Safety

City After Dark

For many young people, a night out in the city centre promises an evening of fun and excitement but there are risks too.

After dark, the city changes and the safety risks increase. Young people may be vulnerable to crimes such as theft and assault.

City After Dark (CAD) tours are designed for secondary school students, tertiary students and community youth groups.

Led by a WA Police Officer and a Constable Care Foundation assistant, tours highlight how relatively safe areas during the day become riskier when darkness falls.

The three-hour evening educational walking tours of the Perth CBD, and adjacent entertainment precincts, provides young people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to stay safe when venturing out.

Key Information

When: Mon – Thurs weeknights, commencing at 5.30pm and finishing at 8.30pm

How: By arrangement. Interested schools should contact CCF to make a booking

Who: Up to 30 students, parents and teachers per group, with groups led by a WA Police Officer and support from a trained Youth Choices tour assistant

Where: A group meeting point in the city will be advised upon booking

Cost: The regular cost is $500 +GST

Wear: Walking shoes, long sleeves/long pants and consider bringing warmer clothes if likely to be cold

All schools and students must agree to take part in a pre/post tour and follow up evaluation process.

Each tour comes with a full Teacher Resource Kit, including full lesson plans.