Support for International Students returning to Western Australia

Financial Support for International Students

Major package to drive growth of international education sector

On 12 May the McGowan Labor Government announced it will provide a $41.2 million boost to support Western Australia’s international education sector and diversify the WA economy as part of the 2022-23 State Budget:

  • $41.2 million of international education initiatives include scholarships and a familiarisation program for overseas stakeholders
  • Priority areas include building a pipeline of future onshore international education students, re-engagement of the international education agents network and support for the sector’s reconnection efforts

The WA Government announced that the international education sector will receive $16 million, as part of the Safe Transition Industry Support Package to help individuals and businesses most affected by the delay in the full reopening of the border.

Applications are currently open for the International Student ELICOS Bursary (ISEB) fund.

Support for International Students during Covid-19: Frequently Asked Questions

Can international students get assistance with flight deals or making travel arrangements?

The WA Government has launched a new International Student Travel Portal to help international students get access to:

  • Discounted flights and increased luggage allowances
  • Specific information on entry requirements
  • Help from a travel agent if needed
  • Student support initiatives

If you cannot find a flight that suits you, please feel free to consult a student travel agent available online through the portal.

Western Australia’s border is open to eligible interstate and international travellers. Read here for more.

Thanks to the WA Government’s new International Student Travel Portal, international students can also access:

  • Discounted flights and increased luggage allowances
  • Specific information on entry requirements
  • Help from a travel agent if needed
  • Student support initiatives

If you cannot find a flight that suits you, please feel free to consult a student travel agent available online through the portal.

I need to undertake a Covid-19 test and self-isolate. Is there financial support available as I cannot work during this period?

If at any point you are required to undertake a COVID-19 test and self-isolate, you may apply for a support payment such as the Western Australia COVID-19 Test Isolation Payment or the Australian Government’s Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment.

Read more about the COVID-19 support available to international students here.

What changes have been made to visa settings?

The Australian Government has announced a series of visa measures, which include increased flexibility for international students returning to Australia, refunds of visa application charges, changed visa settings related to the temporary graduate visa, flexibility in working hours for international students across all sectors, and more.

Details about specific visas are listed on the Department of Home Affairs International Student Page.

StudyPerth has also updated our Visa Information webpage to reflect these announcements.

What are the Covid-19 vaccination requirements for international students entering Western Australia?

All international students must be double vaccinated with a TGA approved vaccine to enter Australia.

If a student is eligible for a COVID-19 booster shot in their home country, they should have that before travelling.

However, if not eligible, students can have their COVID-19 booster shot in Western Australia. Bookings can be made on the Roll Up For WA website.

Where and how can I get my booster shot after arriving in Western Australia?

If you are eligible for a COVID-19 booster shot, you may find a comprehensive list of vaccination providers in Western Australia on the Roll Up WA website.

Vaccines are free for everyone, even for those who do not have Medicare. If this is the case, please visit the Department of Health’s Vaccine Clinic Finder to help you find vaccination centres.

What evidence do international students need to provide if they have been fully vaccinated overseas?

Full information regarding proof of vaccination for COVID-19 vaccinations received overseas can be viewed on the WA Government website.

How do I provide proof of vaccination?

From 31 January 2022, you will need to provide proof of vaccination when asked. For more information please visit COVID-19 Coronavirus: Getting proof of COVID-19 vaccinations.

What is the difference between SafeWA and ServiceWA apps?

The SafeWA app is the WA government’s digital contact register system. More details can be found here. For now, international students need to check in with SafeWA and be able to show either an Australian COVID-19 digital certificate or a copy of their vaccination certificate from their home country (in English), and an accepted form of ID, such as a passport.

ServiceWA is a broader app that, when registered, allowed the user to access the SafeWA check-in and show proof of vaccination, all in one place and without the need to show additional identification. At the moment, the majority of international students may not be able to use the ServiceWA app due to the types of Australian ID documents requested. However, if a student has a WA Drivers Licence, this can be used alongside their visa and home country passport to access the app. If you are unable to access the ServiceWA app and need to gain and show proof of vaccination, visit COVID-19 Coronavirus: Getting proof of COVID-19 vaccinations

We encourage you to have your vaccination status recorded on the Australian Immunisation Register to access your digital vaccination digitally.

How can an international student have their Covid-19 vaccination status recorded with the Australian Immunisation Register?

For returning and new students with an overseas COVID-19 vaccination, students need go to a registered vaccination provider in WA (like a GP or pharmacy) and show their foreign vaccination certificate to organise to have their COVID-19 vaccination recorded with the Australian Immunisation Register.

They will then be issued with a COVID-19 Certificate, which will be recognised by the ServiceWA App when they may be able to use it.

Source of information: StudyPerth website Welcome to Australia Covid FAQs.