Check out the websites below where you can search and apply for jobs that are available.

Applying for any kind of work in Australia will require a “Resume” or “CV”. This is a brief document about yourself, your background and previous work and skills you can offer an employer.

Include in this, work experience you have done back home, both paid and unpaid (this helps potential employers to get a picture of what you can do), even if it was cutting grass, vegetable growing, working in a shop, maid service, working in your countries government etc.

Some of the above sites will help you to prepare a resume on line, which you submit and then they search and send you emails of jobs that might suit you.  You can also search the site to see if you find something you might like to have a go at.

Another way you might find a job is by asking other students, looking at your campus notice board, shopping centre notice boards and going directly into a business/shop and ask if they have any part time work.

Employment regulations: Overseas students and their dependents who wish to work must apply for a student visa with appropriate work rights, after the student has commenced his or her studies in Australia .Check with the Department of Immigration or DIBP to look at updates, requirements and work entitlements that currently apply.

Employees in Western Australia cannot be paid less than the wages set out in their award or agreement, or in the Minimum Conditions of Employment Act.

The easiest way for employees to find out about what pay entitlements, conditions and protection against unfair dismissal apply to particular jobs is to call the Department of Commerce  Labour relations on 1300 655 266.