Campus Accommodation

Universities and many colleges and schools offer residential accommodation on campus, as well as providing a Housing Service to assist students in locating comfortable, affordable, off-campus accommodation.  The various types of housing available are listed below.  Cost will vary according to facilities and services provided and location.

On-Campus accommodation ranges from shared units with communal cooking facilities and living areas without meals or cleaning provided, to residences providing full meals, cleaning etc.  Costs vary, depending on the level of service and accommodation provided.

Curtin University

Edith Cowan University

Murdoch University

The University of Notre Dame Australia

The University of Western Australia



‘Homestay’ consists of living with a private family or person, more or less as a member of the family, normally with your own bedroom, but sharing other facilities in the house.  Some families will provide Australian style food only, but others will vary the menu. Full Board in private homes (meals included) with own room and washing facilities is usually reasonable in cost and especially suited to younger students. Please note that special conditions on guardianship apply for students under 18 years old.


Renting Apartments, Units & Houses

If you decide to rent a house or apartment alone or move into a share house, it is important that you are aware of your rights and responsibilities to avoid having problems which may cost you money.

How do I find a Rental Property?

Finding a Rental Property can take longer than you think, so start looking early. Decide on whether you want to live close to your friends, public transport, school and shops. The websites below will display the current rental properties available in WA.

Looking at Rental Properties.  Arrive early to property viewings. Make sure you check the property (or room if it is a share house) very carefully. Look for telephone connections, evidence of mice or vermin. Check for air conditioning or heating. Check that everything works (e.g. hot water system, taps, stove, and air conditioning). Make sure that there is adequate security.

What to Ask: Is the rental property furnished (beds, table & chairs, fridge etc.)? Who is responsible for looking after the garden and pool? Are you allowed to get a broadband connection? Can you pay the rent by internet banking? Who pays for water, if they want the gardens and lawns cared for?

Understanding Renting & Tenancy: CISWA strongly urges you to look up the Tenancy WA  website where they provide free information on all aspects of tenancy.

Legal Considerations in Western Australia, the law that sets out the rights and responsibilities of tenants and owners is called the Residential Tenancies Act 1987. It sets out what you and the owner are allowed and not allowed to do. This law covers people who live in private rental accommodation but does not cover those who live in educational institutions, boarding and lodging houses, home-stays or private hostels.

Rental Problems?

If you do have problems (many students do, so don’t let the problem get bigger!), do contact the International Student Advisor at your educational institution for advice.  More information is available on the websites below.


Are when people take money from you under a false claim or pretense. Information on current scams circulating in WA can be found on