This information is intended for international students. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has assessed that COVID-19 can be characterised as a pandemic.

We recommend you visit StudyPerth and Department of Home Affairs websites for the latest updates on COVID-19 pandemic.

In response to the challenges COVID-19 has brought to the international student community in Western Australia, StudyPerth has established StudyPerth Crisis Relief (SPCR). SPCR is a program designed to address the acute needs of international students affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and associated restrictions.

SPCR is accessible by application by individual international students in Western Australia who are in immediate, emergency need of food or shelter.

Before reaching out to StudyPerth, you must advise your education provider of your situation and enquire about support they may have available to students. We will not be able to provide assistance to you until this information is confirmed with us. Students who have not had access to support through their institution will be prioritised.

To lodge an application, please read the Application Instructions, and then complete this Application Form. Email your completed application and required documentation to

CISA (Council for International Students Australia) is also actively advocating with the government about welfare packages for international students in this crisis. For more information about this, visit CISA’s website or their Facebook page.

Did you know that if your education provider identifies you as being financially vulnerable as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and needing support, you can be referred to the International Student Support Network ISSN to apply for a heavily discounted homestay placement. ISSN homestays include a private room, meals, utilities and support from one of committed AHN host families. 

You can apply for support through ISSN Link –

The Red Cross has announced on its website that it will be receiving funding from the Australian Government for the next six months to deliver emergency relief and casework support to temporary visa holders who have no way to support themselves and who have urgent needs.

Who is eligible? Visa holders may be eligible for Red Cross Safety Net support if they:

  • are in Australia on a temporary visa
  • are in urgent financial hardship
  • cannot access Centrelink, Medicare or similar services
  • have no income, savings or other financial support (including from family overseas).

Eligible visa holders are requested to contact the Red Cross by email in the first instance so that can be advised when the funds and arrangements are in place.

Further visa information is available here

International Students and temporary visa holders who need help can email to register their situation.