Australia has laws that uphold religious freedom.  This means that in Australia, you are free to follow your own beliefs and religious practices, provided these do not coerce or harm anyone else.

If pressed, many Australians would say that they believe in God but that they do not really follow any particular religion.  Traditionally, Sunday, the Christian Holy Day, is a day off work for most people.  There are also public holidays at the Christian festivals of Easter and Christmas.  Many people from other religions have settled here over the years and have established their own places of worship.

Places of Worship in Perth

Anglican Church

Baptist Church

Catholic Church of Perth

Greek Orthodox Church

Jewish Orthodox Perth Hebrew Congregation

Liberal Catholic Church

Islamic Mosques Islam Australia Network

Christian Reformed Church

Seventh Day Adventist Church

Uniting Church

Buddhist Society of Western Australia

Jewish Progressive Progressive Synagogue of Perth

Lutheran Church

All Nations Presbyterian Church    

Church of Scientology     

Perth Hindu Temple